This is Owen and I am the photographer behind Most Precious Art Photography. My love for photography began 9 years ago upon the birth of my youngest son when I wanted to capture each and every moment of his precious life. Since then, I have devoted my time and have trained near and far in learning the art and craft of creating beautiful images utilizing both natural and studio lights.

Today, my work has extended beyond photographing children. I have been commissioned to photograph families, teens, individual portraits, engagements and weddings within the Bay Area and beyond.

To be able to capture images of a child, the essence of a person or the special bond between loved ones, is something so priceless to me and makes me realize over and over again, how beautiful life is. This is what truly makes me happy.

Every photograph has a story behind it. Beyond every image comes unspoken words of beauty, LOVE, belonging, trust, courage, connection and hope.  As a photographer, it is my responsibility and my hope to tell the story…yours.