Photos, Pre-School Graduation, Loved & Cherished

Yesterday, the countdown was over as Troy’s promotion day finally arrived.  He was counting from 9 nine days before and very excited that he will be going to Kindergarten in the fall.  I was there at the church where they held their graduation more as a mother than a photographer.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t get wrapped up in my photography world and instead took “snapshots” and truly enjoyed the singing and prayer...and my son. Graduation is one of those days when it makes me realize that life is short and time never stands still.  Every fraction of a minute counts, and when that minute is up, you can never bring it back.  I’m glad I’ve been taking pictures of Troy ever since I can remember.  He is only young once and I want to capture this time of his tall he is, how he looks like, his hair, his expressions, mannerisms and even his friends.

Photos are a great way to remember the little details of the past.  I want to remember the details.  When Troy grows up, I want him to see his photos when he was a child.... It is good for a person’s soul.... to know they are loved, valued and cherished.  The photos always bring back memories.... good memories full of love.... and I want Troy to remember that he is loved always.

With his best friends: Oscar and Tenney

With his teachers, Ms Lorena and Ms Cathy and Pastor Zelt: