A Unique Engagement Album for EJ & Edna | San Jose Photographer

Wedding are a great opportunity to express creativity. I love the fact that we don't necessarily have to have an 11 x 14 image print and matted so that folks can sign their names and dedication on the matte. I think that letting people sing their dedication on an album is a much cooler way of doing it.  In this way, not only do we get to feature one photo from the engagement photo shoot but we get to share at least 10 pics in a custom designed, engagement album.  In each page, we put in some prompts to give the guests ideas on what to tell/advise the couple....Examples are: Things you can do on a date night.  Ej and Edna are perfect because.... EJ and Edna are picking up their engagement photos tomorrow and I want them to get a peak right now!  I'm so excited and I hope they like it as much as I do.  Our engagement photo shoot was in Saratoga, San Jose and we had a ton of fun.  They are a super, and I mean super SWEET couple and they have been together since -- drum roll pls....kindergarten!!!  Who has been together that long?  Lol!  Well, they are perfect together...they have this quiet warmth between them and they truly, truly love each other... I love it!

To Ej and Edna, I am soooo looking forward to your wedding!  But I will see you tomorrow and I hope you like this :)