Jessica, a Hidden Gem | Fremont Photographer | Teen Photographer

I can't get over the fact that this girl is soooo pretty and she is only 13!  Can you believe that?  She is totally model material.  We are going to submit some of her images to the modeling agencies in San Francisco and see what happens.  She is open to it and so am I.  I truly believe she is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.  What  I love most about her is that she is a great teenager and a great daughter.  Her mom, Regina was with us and we went through her wardrobe and she allowed me to put things together for her.  She also listened intently and followed my direction during the shoot. This shoot is truly a fun one and I can't wait to do more photo shoots of teenagers.  They just have so much beauty inside and out.

Here's the rest of her photos from the shoot taken at a local funky coffee shop in Fremont, Ca.