I Stopped Blogging because I stopped Photographing

There was one particular day in early July where in the middle of a hotel room full of half-naked groomsmen, drinking, laughing, having a good time posing in front of my camera that a stubborn thought struck me:  I want a break from photography.  I also wanted air, I wanted space....I wanted to BREATHE.  And then, in late July, my 17 year old son was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer.  He went into surgery the very next day to remove the tumor before it spreads throughout his  body.  I was very scared but I had to be tough for him.  He did very well and was very strong the entire time.  I needed more air, I needed more space but I held my breathe.  He recuperated and once strong enough to walk, we started his weekly blood tests...the results were good and by the 4th week of testing, his markers were completely down and there was no need for chemotherapy...just close monitoring over the next two years to ensure it doesn't come back. I started breathing again and resumed my quest for air and space. It's been almost 5 months since the first thought of a break came to me, 4 months since my son's surgery and I'm happy where things are now. I did get the air and space I wanted and more importantly,  I am glad that my break-up with photography is a temporary one. I think it is just natural when you feel so intensely about something or someone, that one burns out. There were also a lot of things that happened in my personal life this year that sapped the energy out of me.  But as this year is about to pass, I am prepared to leave the not-so-good things behind and carry over the new friendships I have along with some new perspectives in life.

I don't know how much I can stay on top of my blog (because I'd rather spend my time talking and meeting with people) but what I do know is that I am back, much happier and relaxed than ever.