My Family | Family Shoot in Toronto, Canada

I want to share with you the images my sister Roxy (she is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada) and I took as part of our annual family photo shoot.  They just moved into their brand new house not too long ago and so their house was not yet picture-ready (or so they said).  We used this to our advantage and relocated their family room furniture in the hallway.  With a white wall and some bar stool chairs, voila - we had a makeshift studio set-up! Just like last year's photo shoot,our shoot started with all the guys sitting sluggishly on the sofa and chairs that were temporarily relocated in the hallway.  They appeared to be patiently waiting for their turn to be called while their eyes pleaded: "Let this be over and done with SOON.  This is cutting into our PS3 time".  But just as last year's, as soon as we started working and moving everybody around, and the shutter started to click,  it was apparent that this was going down on the books as another wacky, crazy and fun family photo session.

But oh how I miss them. The kids and I miss them.  Being thousands of miles apart, it is very hard for us to leave and we are always eager to come back.

Our tight-knit family would not be like this if not for our parents.  They have shown us by example what it means to love unconditionally.  I don't ever remember a day in my life where my mom and dad did something that did not take into account our well-being.  We are always at the center of their lives and every decision they made. I must admit that I can never be like them but I try to do my best to shower my kids with as much love as I can give.

Without further ado, my family: my wonderful mom and dad, my fabulous and uber sweet sister and her husband (the perfect brother-in-law), my brother  whose idea of a perfect PTO is parking himself in his room for days  to vie for prestige in the latest PS3 game.  And of course, yours truly and my most precious boys who makes everyday of my life worthwhile.