Meet Franklin D Roosevelt | Pet Photography

I am not talking about a new FDR for the Oval Office.  I'm talking about a 4 legged version.   Everyone, meet Franklin D Roosevelt, or FRANKIE :) When I got an e-mail from Kelvin, I was so thrilled! Kelvin used to be this young boy who was in the same Tae-Kwon-Do Demo Team as my son Josh.  Fast forward and he is now working, attending college and with his beautiful girlfriend, Jaimie.  Together, they are now the proud parents to a beautiful  Shinba Inu.  Kalvin called me one day and asked if I can capture Frankie's young years...and of course I said yes! So here goes the pics.

Behind the Scenes: My son Troy loves dogs and when he heard that it was a puppy we are photographing, he had to come.  At first, he was playing and feeding Frankie....then I had to ask him to step aside and let Frankie and his parents run around....After a while, I noticed that he was sitting on a nearby bench, looking stoic.  Thinking that he was tired from all the running, I let him be.  It was only when we were in the car that he broke down and shared with me what he was really feeling.  He got upset at me because I would not take his picture with the pup and that I did not let him "assist (play with Frankie).  I thought it was funny but I had to apologize BIG TIME.