Duxbury Reef Hiking Adventure in Bolinas California

A dose of nature, a bit of fresh clean air, and a dollop of new friends - that's what Dr. Me recommended. I drove north to Larkspur where I met with the Bay Area Wine and Hikers Group, and after our host Mr. Tom gave us instructions, we set out to Bolinas on California's north central coast.  We hiked, crawled down Cypress tunnels, crossed bridges, trekked Eucalyptus groves, drank wine, rock and roped climbed. Definitely something new for me, and I welcome the change.


Meeting Place

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20130608 Hiking-113-blog

Our Trek Begins....

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20130608 Hiking-20-blog

Ok, they are not part of our group, but surfer dudes that were making their way down the beach

We stopped by the the Clifftop altar hut where folks leave their wishes and whisper their hopes...I just took a photo

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20130608 Hiking-65-blog
20130608 Hiking-61-blog

A pre-WW structure...there were radio towers all over too...

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The surfer dudes are at it

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We made our way down to the beach for a picnic and rest (Thankful to fellow hiker Eric for sharing lunch)

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Grateful for new friends and adventures...

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After lunch - on to tide pools and the great reef

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This is my most favorite photo

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20130608 Hiking-197-blog
20130608 Hiking-244-blog

 Guess who was the first one to climb that rope...On the way back to the outpost where we started: MOO

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20130608 Hiking-250-blog

Chow time @ Point Reyes

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I know I shouldn't be eating this....and should be eating more of this....but life is short...So I had a cookie and this.