Pumpkins at the Ardenwood Patch under the the Bright, Glaring Noon Light

Life is hectic and sometimes, as much as I want to take photos at the perfect time of day, our schedule just can't accommodate it. So we squeeze.  We squeeze and we make time.  I was not going to let this year go by without our annual visit to the patch.  So we made our way to Ardenwood Farms in Newark at the worst time of the day: noon.  The sun was directly above us which means a lot of squinting, raccoon eyes, harsh shadows and uber warm tones. Plus trying to get a good photo without the entire nation joining in?  Good luck!  But I must, the mom in me insist and if not now, we will have to wait for next year.  There was only one thing I had to make sure was right: my son's disposition.  Setting the expectation with him that it's going to be hot and that there will be tons of people everywhere ahead of time was helpful. Ok, maybe that accompanied with a little bribe.

Nonetheless, we made it and while they are definitely not the perfectly lit photos, I captured Troy at the patch at nine years of age.  This one is not going on my wall but definitely on my binder of 2013 memories.

(We got two pumpkins: one for him and one for his big brother, who is just too cool nowadays to go pumpkin hunting with us...I also took home some butternut squash, acorns, and winter squash and those never made it for display.  They went straight into the oven and put to good use.)

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