Some Photo Booth Pics from Prince of Peace Harvest Festival, Fremont CA

So another Halloween has passed and we are either left with bags of candy loot or costumes (or both) that will never see the light of day again (Well, maybe until next year...).  But it doesn't really matter, does it? Because what does, is the guilt-free fun that we all had from all that sugar and sensory overload. That one day where we can be anybody we want to be but ourselves, all out in the open! {Honestly, I think we grown-ups need more days like these so we can get all our craziness and pretensions out of our system and be our true selves the rest of the year. }

My son was a zombie hunter but it was "dadtime" so I didn't really get to celebrate that night with him. I did visit him in class during their halloween party earlier that day so it's all good.

If  you know me personally, you know how I love the Prince of Peace School. So when they asked me to do a photo booth for their Harvest Festival this year, I was certainly delighted to do so. This was my second year and I enjoyed seeing all the kids and families who stopped by my booth in full costume galore.  I love the variety, the themes, the colors, the coordination and the spirit that everyone had that night.  Here are a few of them to share with you:

20131031 HarvestFestival-174-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-176-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-187-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-282-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-117-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-118-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-209-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-217-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-27-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-250-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-251-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-278-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-145-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-80-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-60-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-54-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-49-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-46-blog
20131031 HarvestFestival-43-blog