Project Life App - For Documenting Life on the GO!

The urge to go back to focusing on personal photography, daily journals, and everyday documentation of life is stronger than ever.  But between work and single parenting, how do I find the time? Then I discovered Project Life (PL). Actually I learned about PL a while back when Becky Higgins first started the "movement." I bought my first PL Kit, and two more after that. I have to say that I just completed my first album recently and that was my son's 2013 album. At this rate, I will never be able to catch up.

Until I installed the Project Life App. I cannot believe how ridiculously easy and fast it is to select, drag and drop photos on the PL pages. I can easily select coordinating cards and even write or dictate-to-text my thoughts on the available journal cards. I am so blown away. As it is in digital format, I am antsy as to be able to touch them and of course, file them in my 12 x 12 Binder. I know a lot of people who have gone digital wait until the end of the year to get theirs printed into one album.  I like that too but I cannot wait that long. Perhaps I will just make a separate photo book. So for now, I decided to have the first few pages I made with the app printed through Persnickety Prints. They were so fast and the pages were lovely. I was worried with the quality of the prints as they were all photos taken with my smartphone, but they turned out to be very good.

I am hoping to be able to do a little bit of digital and actual scrapping.  But for now, I am just happy that I got started and within a day or so completed my entire January 2015 pages. Below are some of the pages I created all done from a smart phone.

Here are some of the other apps I use in conjunction with my Project Life App :

  1. iDoneThis - This is my favorite app. This is where I put everything that I did for the day. I set an alert to prompt me to enter things I did and I reference this if I want to remember what I did on a particular day.

  2. Collect Photo Journal - Super cool app! I can add a photo a day, choose how I want the photo to be formatted and be able to include some journaling to it and select a calendar date template to display it.  I know there will be a time I will get this added into one of my PL pages as it fits perfectly in those 2x3 slots.
  3. Day One App - This is my online diary protected by a 4 digit passcode. If there are some thoughts that I deem super private, I write them here. Perhaps one day I can be able to be more open in my blog but for now, those private thoughts remain private.

PRINTER: If I don't order my prints or layouts through Persnickety Prints and get the urge to do paper scrapbooking,
Canon Selphy CP 910 is my go to printer. I love LOVE this printer. I love that it takes up very little real estate on my desk, it prints over wi-fi and I use their app to print photos directly from my iPhone. It is super EASY to use.  I can print both 4 x 6 or (2) 3 x4 in a snap.

SCANNER: At some point, I do plan to scan the artwork that Troy takes home from school. Right now, I am using my scanner to scan everything (receipts, documents, etc). but school work.  But when I do, I will default of course to the scanner I already have: Scan Snap 1100  Just like my Selphy, this scanner takes up so little space but does the work of a regular scanner.

My go-to photo editing apps on the smartphone are: PicTapGo!, Snapseed (especially for those photos where I need to fine tune, lighten or darken a particular area) and my favorite, VSCOFilms.

Anyway, I am just so excited that I was able to do all these pages in a flash. No sit down commitment in front of my computer, no heavy thinking...just on the go type of thing and before I knew it, I already completely my January month Project Life pages.