Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...

Love is for everyone.
It does not choose nor divide. 
Love is for babies, boys and girls...
It's for the young and old, for single, couples, and undetermined (!)
...and most of all, love is for YOU. 

Oftentimes when we think of love, we think of love outwards...we love to give love, but when was the last time we have given ourselves love?  Once I have learned to love myself and be a little easy on myself, I began to have this lighter feeling about myself..more accepting of my flaws, my shortcomings and I do pat myself on the back more often. The great thing is, this light, positive energy cannot contain itself within -- it naturally flows outwards through the heart, through our skin and just out there in the world to absorb. So that's my take on this V-day!

LOOK: My son sent his first love note!  and some photos too!