School's Out for Mr. Troyee

Another school year is over for Troy and I am just grateful for the amazing year he has had. I am so proud of my little man for the person he is growing up to be. He is kind, loving, open, grounded and caring. He studied very well this year, garnering an A+ status and even getting invited twice to a special breakfast with his teacher, Mrs. Metz for never missing to turn in an assignment. This year, he played football (tackle and flag) and basketball for sports and he also completed his Wolf scout requirements which means he will be advancing to Webelos in the fall. He  celebrated his 9th birthday in the fall, snowboarded during the winter and performed a solo dance number at his school's spring talent show.

While school is out and summer camp is now in full swing, I am taking a moment to enjoy the many moments that made this year, his best year yet. He has made new friendships throughout the year and has shown no signs of stopping meeting new friends during the summer. He is my bucket filler and has filled other's buckets with so much happiness that he is just absolutely a joy to be around with.

We have a lot of things planned this summer and since I share custody with his dad, I am hoping to make everyday I have him, a great day. He has given me so much joy that he fills my heart with so much gratitude. He is my sunshine, my moon, my smile, my dream. And he tells me every time: "You are the best mom ever.  I love you, mommy! Can I get a massage at night time?"

Here's my digital Project Life layout for Week 23 . While there are photos I took from our adult swimming party, I realized that I don't really need to represent them in photos (journaling is enough) especially if they somehow do not flow well in my pages.  I am re-learning and happy to be documenting life again.