Third Year in the Talent Show

So proud of my little T today as he performed a dance solo at his school's Talent Show. This was his third year and I applaud him for taking the initiative to get up there and danced his heart out.

Huge thanks also goes to his big brother for taking the time to teach him the moves.  There is nothing more pleasing than to see these two practice for countless of hours. I'm a happy mom.

Template: #paisleepress PS Brush: #sahlinstudio  

Template: #paisleepress PS Brush: #sahlinstudio

New Chapter

I have reached a new chapter in my life and arriving here was no easy task, but it was a necessary one. The last few years were about ensuring that things were moving along: bills were getting paid, kids were getting to school on time, job was stable enough, and happiness was always within a reach away. I was always coping, running, and chasing for something I didn't know exactly what. All I knew was that I cannot stop and I have to keep putting my best foot forward because that was the only option for me. I didn't want to be lonely and alone and I was constantly ensuring that my hours were filled with everything but silence.  And that was ok...but that was then, this is now... I'm grateful for all the experiences, and especially the new friends I've made. But I'm ready to move on from coping and sustaining to pursuing, creating, and taking my own strides, on my own pace.  I am happy but this time, I am happy even in the midst of silence, even in the absence of company, and where less is so much, much more.

I am starting this year with renewed strength and self-awareness. I'm grateful for everything that transpired in the past but I am ecstatic for what's to come ahead...I can only hope to be a better person this year for myself, my family, my friends and my love.


First Digital Scrapbook Layout After 6 Years

Scrapbooking was one was of the reasons that paved the way for my love of photography. And for the first time after 6 years of not journaling, documenting, putting a page together, I find myself going through what was left of my supplies (I have given/sold 95% of everything that I once had in my loft studio) and now also venturing into digital scrapbooking. It feels so good...I forgot how amazing it feels to be able to put a page together. It allows me to take a pause in my everyday life and give myself a chance to realize the blessings I have and to remind me not to take anything for granted.

Here is my first page after a 6 year digital format:

(Supplies Used: Paisley Press You are My Fave  Collection for the papers and elements and Sahlin Studio, The Good Life Word Art)