A Birthday Gift for Jimmy Lou, A Leather Album

For Jimmy Lou, happy 97th birthday!

I was told that when you received this Leather Art Family Album, you were overjoyed. You kept showing it to your friends, page by page, from front to cover, and then starting all over again. I wish I was there to see the commotion, but Delaware is a few thousand miles too far away for me to visit just to see the reveal.

It has been a few weeks since you received your gift.  And until today, I still hear from your daughter-in-law how thrilled you still are and carry the album with you wherever you go. 

This second set of 10 x 10 Leather Art Family Album is traveling via courier to Kentucky this time. If I may be bold, I think the boys' other grandma will equally be pleased.  And truthfully, I cannot wait again to hear the reaction. 

The best gifts are the memories captured in photographs, then shared beautifully. I am glad to be a part of this experience of sharing family love and preserving memories.

10 x 10 Classic Leather Album

10 x 10 Classic Leather Album

Leather Album